Andhra Pradesh Govt. extends the implementation date of Restart Scheme; all units can apply for eligibility under the Scheme till 31.10.2020 instead of 31.08.2020

In a Notification dated 26th October, 2020, the Industries and Commerce (P&I) Department, Andhra Pradesh Government (“Department”) has provided a window for those Industries which have not utilised the benefits under the Re-START scheme.

Now, all units can apply for eligibility under Re-START on or before 31st October 2020 instead of 31st August, 2020.


The Department had earlier extended support to industrial sector especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in wake of COVID-19 crisis, by issuing guidelines for the Re-START programme vide G.O.R.T No. 104 dated 19th May, 2020. All MSME/large/mega units, which were functional before the lockdown, i.e. before February 2020 and previously, will be eligible to avail the benefits under Re-START.

With the present Notification, the units are being given a window to utilise the benefits under the Re-START Scheme by extending the time for applying under the Scheme till 31st October, 2020.


Source: Industries and Commerce (P&I) Department,  Andhra Pradesh Government

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