Applicants can now access their application status online for import / export of restricted items

Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has issued a Trade Notice No. 26/2018 dated 27th August, 2018 to inform that the applicants seeking license for import/export of restricted items through an e-mail shall now include the ECOM reference invariably with the pdf. copy of their application, importer-exporter profile as well as other document necessary for processing the application.

It is being further informed that applicants shall now be able to view the status of their applications on the DGFT’s website and therein

(i) under the heading “Exporter Facilitation” scroll down to “Restricted Licenses Application Status”

(ii) Thereafter, click “Restricted License application Status” to view status of either:

  1. SCOMET Restricted Import Licenses; or
  2. Non-SCOMET Export Licenses; or
  3. Restricted Import Licenses.

For further information please refer the attached document.

 SourceDirectorate General of Foreign Trade


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