Assam revises rates of Variable Dearness Allowances in respect of Scheduled Employments effective 1st November, 2016

In a notification dated 26th May, 2017, the Labour and Welfare Department, Government of Assam has revised the existing rates of Variable Dearness Allowances (“VDA”) for Scheduled Employments effective 1st November, 2016.

The revised VDA is as follows:

Category of Employees/ Workers VDA per day VDA per month
Unskilled workers Rs. 2.64 Rs. 79.20
Semi-skilled / unskilled supervisory Rs. 3.08 Rs. 92.40
Skilled workers / Clerical workers Rs. 3.85 Rs. 115.50
Highly skilled workers Rs. 4.95 Rs. 148.50

The same is available in the Department’s website.

Source: Labour and Welfare Department, Government of Assam.

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