DIPP establishes Development Council for the cement industry

In exercise of the powers conferred under the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 1951 (“Act”), the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion(“DIPP”) has established Development Council for the Cement Industry (“Council”) vide an Order dated 13th June, 2017.

Some of the major functions of the Council are as follows:

  1. Suggesting norms of efficiency with a view to eliminating waste, obtaining maximum production, improving quality and reducing costs.
  1. Recommending measures for securing the fuller utilization of the installed capacity and for improving the working of the industry, particularly of the less efficient units.
  1. Promoting standardization of products.
  1. Promoting or undertaking inquiry as to materials and equipment and as to methods of production, management and labour utilization, including the discovery and development of new materials, equipment and methods and of improvements in those already in use, the assessment of the advantages of different alternatives and the conduct of experimental establishments and of tests on a commercial scale.
  1. Promoting the training of persons engaged or proposing engagement in the industry and their education in technical or artistic subjects relevant thereto.
  1. Promoting the retaining in alternative occupations of personnel engaged in or retrenched from the industry.

Source: Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion

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