FSSAI facilitates registration of direct selling food businesses

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (“FSSAI”) has, vide a notification dated 27th March, 2018, informed that in consideration of the fact that direct sellers are mobile and do not have any fixed premises for carrying out business, registration of such mobile direct sellers can now be done, by respective Registering Authorities, simply on production and verification of their identity certificate/authorization issued by their Direct Selling Entities (“DSE”) along with any personal identity proof.

The FSSAI has also informed that, in order to facilitate quick registration of bulk direct sellers, a DSE will also have the option to get bulk registration of its direct sellers, on its own, by using the facility of Common Service Center (“CSC”).


The FSSAI had received representations from many Direct Selling Food Business Operators and their association, conveying the difficulties they face in getting their food businesses registered under the Food Safety and Standards Acts and Rules and Regulations made thereunder.

The FSSAI, after considering these representations, observed that such direct sellers do not have premises / storage facility, and hence, find it difficult to obtain registration as direct sellers from the Registering Authority.

Hence, the FSSAI issued this notification to facilitate the quick registration of the direct sellers.

Please refer to the attached document for further details.

Source: Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

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