Government of Jharkhand extends existing lockdown related restrictions in the State till 31st July 2020

The Home, Prison and Disaster Management Department, Government of Jharkhand (“Department”), has extended the existing lockdown restrictions till 31st July 2020.

Previously, considering the adverse impacts that were brought about due to COVID 19 pandemic, the lockdown had been extended in the Containment Zones up to 30th June 2020, by virtue of Order dated 1st June 2020. At the same time, activities which were prohibited earlier, had started to re-open in a phased manner outside the Containment Zones. While the Order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on 30th May, 2020 (“MHA Unlock 1.0 Order”) is being strictly implemented in the State, however, taking into consideration the fact that many migrants have entered the State, a cautious approach was required while opening up the economic activities to ease out the hardship of the people. Considering the situation, few more activities were allowed by the Department, pursuant to order dated 25th June 2020.

Key highlights from the present Order are as follows:
I. General

The following activities will continue to be prohibited:

(a) Religious places, places of worship for public;
(b) Social, political, Sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious functions, fairs and large congregations;
(c) Schools, Colleges, educational, training, coaching institutions etc.
(d) Cinema halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars and auditoriums assembly halls and similar places;
(e) Interstate and Intrastate transport by bus;
(f) Shopping malls;
(g) Hotels, Lodges, dharamshalas, restaurants (dine in) and other hospitality services;
(h) Spas, salons and barber shops;
(i) Prohibitions on movement of individuals between 9:00pm to 5:00am throughout the state, except for essential activities.
(j) Requirement to:

• Wear face cover/ face mask in public areas, workplaces and when in public transport.
• Maintain a distance of minimum 6 feet in public places;
• Carry e-pass for movement of individuals into the State by private vehicles/ taxi. The E-pass will not be required for any other movement of individuals within the state or for leaving the State.

II. Work Places

(a) All persons in charge of workplaces are required to ensure adequate distance between workers, adequate gaps between shifts, staggering of lunch breaks etc.
(b) Staggering of work/ business hours should be followed in workplaces;
(c) Ensure that Aarogya Setu app is installed by all employees having compatible mobile phones;
(d) Provision for thermal scanning, hand wash and sanitizer should be made at all entry and exit points and common areas in workspaces;
(e) Ensure frequent sanitisation of the entire workspace, common facilities and all points which frequently come into human contact, for example, door handles;

III. Shops

(a) Shops should not allow more than 5 persons at one time;
(b) Provision for sanitizer should be made at all entry points;
(c) Person in charge of the shops are required to ensure adequate distance between workers as well as customers;
(d) Wearing of facemasks to be made compulsory for both workers and customers;
(e) Ensure frequent sanitisation throughout the day of all points which come into human contact for example: Door handles, counters etc.


Source: Home, Prison and Disaster Management Department, Government of Jharkhand


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