Government of Madhya Pradesh issues conditions for conducting RTPCR COVID-19 test in private laboratories; fixes maximum rate of RTPCR test at Rs. 1980/-

The Public Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh (“Department”) has notified conditions for conducting COVID-19 RTPCR tests and prescribed the maximum amount that can be charged by private laboratories (accredited to ICMR and NABL) for conducting RTPCR COVID-19 test at Rs. 1980/- (inclusive of all taxes). These tariffs have been effective since 1st July, 2020.


Earlier, ICMR had capped the prices of COVID-19 test by private laboratories at Rs. 4500. Subsequently, the price for such test was capped at Rs. 2500. Now, in order to make affordable test facilities available to the masses, ICMR has reduced the prices of tests further.

Key highlights:

(a) The above-mentioned amount has been fixed for private laboratories accredited by ICMR and NABL;

(b) The cost covers sample collection, packaging and reporting along with test;

(c) All COVID-19 tests performed in private laboratories and hospitals through CBNAAT/ Genexpert and TrueNat, will be chargeable at Rs. 1980.

(d) Samples should be sent to private laboratories for testing only after ensuring 100% utilization of Covid-10 testing capacity of Government Laboratories.

(e) RTPCR test of Covid-19 by private testing laboratories should be carried out in this regard by following the protocol prescribed by the Government of India and ICMR from time to time.

(f) While collecting samples for testing, the person’s name, full address, mobile number and other such information should be uploaded on to the RTPCR app. Such information should be kept confidential.

(g) The above-mentioned rates for the tests should be displayed prominently in a conspicuous place.

(h) Upon testing, if a person is found to be infected with COVID-19, all the details should be immediately furnished to the Chief Medical and Health Officer and the concerned IDSP cell.

(i) In private laboratories, all the data generated by RTPCR machines, including the graphs and test kits along with the batch numbers should be preserved and the State Government may examine the data in future if the need arises.

(j) The person in charge of private laboratory is required to appoint a nodal officer and the information of such appointment should be sent to the concerned Collector and Chief Medical and Health Officer.


Source: Public Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh

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