Kerala State Pollution Control Board provides steps to upload / transmit Continuous Monitoring data of Emission to their Central Server for online monitoring

In reference to the trail mail on Central Pollution Control Board (“CPCB”) guidelines to implement Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems,the Kerala Pollution Control Board (“KSPCB”) has laid down steps to upload / transmit Continuous Monitoring data of Emission (CEMS) Effluent (EQMS) and Ambient (AAQMS) monitoring system to the KSPCB Central Server for online monitoring.


Employers are required to follow the steps below for uploading the data:


1.    Visit the KSPCB website ( and read all documents with respect to uploading/transmission of CEMS, EQMS and AAQMS monitoring system into the server of KSPCB.

2.    Register the Industry details at the following URL for your Industry: In-case of any doubts or clarification while filling the Industry details call KSPCB @ +91 9739103723. Provide the correct email id and contact details to receive a reply from KSPCB.

3.    You will be provided with the connectivity credentials and other details for establishing connectivity by KSPCB. Use these credentials and work with any of the approved Open API Client Software providers of KSPCB Central Server Software to upload the data to KSPCB Central Server.

4.    Ensure that the data is getting uploaded continuously to KSPCB Central Server and send an e-mail to KSPCB about connectivity establishment and completion of this activity.


Please refer to the hyperlink below for further details.

Source: Kerala State Pollution Control Board


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