Ministry of Labour and Employment issues the monthly EPFO/ ESIC Returns (ECR) – User Manual

With a view to enforce transparency in the day-to-day interactions between the employer, employee and enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Labour and Employment (“Ministry”) has introduced several software facilities on the Unified Shram Suvidha Portal. The Portal facilitates reporting of Inspections and submission of Returns. Facilities like on-line preparation and submission of common monthly return for EPFO and ESIC are now made available.

The Ministry has issued the Monthly EPFO/ ESIC Returns (ECR) – User Manual (“User Manual”) for Establishment Representative who submits the monthly EPFO/ESIC common return (ECR) for EPFO and ESIC enforcement agencies. The Establishment can file EPFO and ESIC return through a common online ‘ECR’ form. The web portal has also option to upload the ECR excel file into the Unified Portal.

Few of the key takeaways in the User Manual are as follows:

  1. Roles and Activities in ECR

Here, the User Role, Common name and kinds of activity can be viewed.

  1. Prerequisites for filing ECR

A list of certain conditions that need to be fulfilled by the establishment representative before filing establishment/employer ECR activities has been laid down.

  1. Monthly ECR Activity by Establishment Representative

Monthly activities like filing ECR, preparing ECR, adding EPFO details, uploading ECR file, tracking submission status also need to be done.

Source: Ministry of Labour and Employment

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