NPPA invites representations from aggrieved companies against proposed price fixation

In a recent Office Memorandum dated 25th August 2017, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (“NPPA”) invited all companies aggrieved by its proposed price fixation, to make representation, if any, against the proposed ceiling price.

For making representation, companies are required to submit:

  1.       information of Price to Retailer (PTR) and Moving Annual Turnover (MAT) data;
  2. supporting documents like copies of sample invoices to retailer and samples of August, 2015 duly attested with –
  • name,
  • designation,
  • mobile no.,
  • signature & seal of the authorized officer of the company along with the summary of all the invoices issued during the month of August, 2015, and
  • copies of supporting Form-V/IPDMS;

within 10 working days in order to take necessary action.

Source: National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority.

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