NSE directs member companies to furnish annual return by 30th September, 2017

The National Stock Exchange of India (‘NSE’) has issued a circular dated 23rd August, 2017 directing all members to submit Annual Returns by 30th September, 2017.

NSE has requested all the members to submit Annual Returns; i.e. Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Account, details in respect of Shareholding, Directors, etc. as may be applicable for the financial year that ended on 31st March 2017, in prescribed formats, latest by 30th September, 2017.

Also, as per the requirement of Enhanced Supervision, NSE has further directed the members to provide the following additional details under ‘Financial Details’ tab:

  1. Advance/ Margin/ Collaterals from customers
  2. Inter-corporate deposits given
  3. Value of Investments or advances or loans in group companies or associates or firms or entities
  4. Value of maximum outstanding inter corporate debts given during the year.

For detailed instructions and guidance, NSE has issued the following documents (attached for your reference):

  1. Annexure I: General Instructions
  2. Annexure II: Checklist for submission of Annual Returns
  3. Annexure III: Actions for Non-compliance
  4. Annexure IV: ENIT User Manual.

Source: National Stock Exchange

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