Price fixed for conducting COVID-19 test by Private Laboratories, Point of care Facilities in the Private Sector in Odisha

The Health and Family Welfare Department, Odisha has fixed the price for conducting COVID-19 Test for Private Laboratories, Point-of-Care Facilities in Private Sector in the following manner –

1. The upper price cap has been fixed at of Rs. 450/- (plus applicable GST) as specified by Indian Council of Medical Research (“ICMR”) for each Standard Q COVID-19 Ag Kit of the Vendor, SD Bio Sensor must be adhered to by all the private facilities complying to the prevailing ICMR norms.

2. All such private facilities must conduct the point-of-care rapid antigen tests (Standard Q COVID-19 Ag Kit) or the TrueNat tests strictly following the prevailing protocol as prescribed by ICMR.


Source: Health and Family Welfare Department, Odisha


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