Prototype sample units having Wi-Fi/Bluetooth facility no longer require Equipment Type Approval for import into India

The Department of Telecommunications (“Department”) has, through a recent order stated that the Import License for Prototype sample unitsof devices having Wi-Fi/Bluetooth facility such as Mobile handsets, Notebooks, and Laptops in license exempt bands can be issued without obtaining an Equipment Type Approval (“ETA”).

Further, in the same order, the Department has also stated that after completion of testing, these imported devices must be exported back to the country of origin or destroyed as per the destruction guidelines of the WPC Wing of the Government of India. However, post-testing, if these devices are put in use in the country, ETA must be obtained from Regional Licensing Offices of WPC Wing. Applicants intending to do the same must submit an undertaking requesting such authorization. 

Source: Department of Telecommunications


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