Puducherry Government bans manufacturing, supplying, selling, stocking, distributing, using and transportation of sundry single use plastic items; effective 2nd August, 2019

The Government of Puducherry (“Government”) had earlier prohibited usage, sales and stocking of polythene or plastic carry bag, disposal cups and plates of thickness 50 microns (or) below of size less than 8 × 12 inches in the Union territory of Puducherry (“UT”), through an order dated 9-12-2009.

However, in spite of the abovesaid notification, the usage of single use carry bags and plastic disposable cups could not be eliminated completely from the UT.

Now, the Government has, in a notification dated 30th July, 2019, directed a ban on manufacturing, supplying , selling , stocking , distributing , using and transportation of following single use plastic items, in the UT, effective 2nd August, 2019:

  • Polythene/Plastic/Polypropylene carry bags;
  • Polythene/Plastic/Styrofoam (Thermocol) cups;
  • Polythene/Plastic/Styrofoam (Thermocol) plates;
  • Plastic sheet pouches used for cooked food wrapping;
  • Plastic sheets used for spreading on dining table;
  • Water pouches;
  • Plastic straw;
  • Plastic flag

The Government has however exempted the following plastic items from the above ban:

  • Plastic sheet used for Industrial Packing;
  • Plastic sheet used for packing of pulses, cereals, medicine and milk;
  • Multi-layered packaging materials;
  • Plastic bag of more than 40 × 50 cm in size used for collection and disposal of Solid and Biomedical waste;
  • Plastic bags and sheets used in Horticulture nurseries

For the purpose of the ban, the notification provides detailed definitions for the terms “Plastic”, “Use and throwaway plastic”, “Plastic sheet”, “Carry bag” and “compostable plastic”.

SourceGovernment of Puducherry

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