Comprehensive Disputes

Management Software

All-in-one solution to monitor, manage and report on all your 

Dispute matters and Litigations 

Komlit Makes Matter Management Simple


Tracking all types of dispute matters including notices with immediate conflict checks

Comprehensive reporting and analytics through customizable metrics

Smart segregation of matters by nature and forum

Update next hearing date automatically

Calendar of matters & notices


Tracking billing and expenses against budget

Central repository of matters, research material, contacts and opposite party details

Extract customized and automated reports

Komlit Addresses Major Challenges in Matter Management


Never Miss A Date

Calendar of matters with customizable alerts and escalations.

Expense Management

Set budgets for each matter, track fees & expenses and receive alerts when budget are exceeded. Forecast contingent liability and assess cost-benefit of consultants


Determine Usage

Unlimited users Maker-checker roles Hierarchy role access Cross functional user access Access to external stakeholders


Granular analysis by nature, forum, liability Comprehensive reports on customisable metrics Ongoing performance monitoring


Always Find What You Need

Centralised repository of all litigation/dispute document Archive of all research and preparation material Consolidated list of lawyer and opposite party contacts Single point tracking of all case expenses

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Setting up Komlit is a Breeze


Single-click upload of existing matters & users Folder hierarchy to reflect current existing set-up Quickly add users Customize fields


Customisable workflows Fix responsibilities and track completion Ensures external consultant/counsels are proactively and report


Cloud software Secure, dedicated work space

How Komlit Works

Setting up the workspace
Upload all your existing litigation data using advanced bulk uploading feature
Start monitoring different stages of your litigation
Get details analytics of all the your existing litigation