Ministry of Power notifies directions for testing of equipment imported to India for use in Power Supply System

The Ministry of Power (“MOP”) has issued directions with regard to equipment imported for end use or to be used as a component, or as a part in manufacturing, assembling of any equipment or to be used in Power Supply System (“PSS”) or any activity directly or indirectly related to the PSS; in order to protect the security, integrity and reliability of the PSS and network in the country.

Directions Issued:

1. All equipment, components, and parts imported for use in the PSS and Network must be tested in the country to check for any kind of embedded malware / trojans / cyber threat and for adherence to Indian Standards;

2. All such tests must be done in certified laboratories that will be designated by the MOP;

3. Any import of equipment / components / parts from “prior reference” countries as specified or by persons owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or the directions of these “prior reference” countries will require prior permission of the Government of India; and

4. Where the equipment/components/parts are imported from “prior reference” countries, with special permission, the protocol for testing in certified and designated laboratories will be approved by the MOP;

The Directions have been issued with a view that PSS is a sensitive and critical infrastructure that supports not only our national defence, vital emergency services including health, disaster response, critical national infrastructure including classified data and communication services, defence installations and manufacturing establishments, logistics services, but also the entire economy and the day-to-day life of the citizens of the country. Any danger or threat to PSS can have catastrophic effects and has the potential to cripple the entire country. The vulnerabilities in the PSS and kits network mainly arise out of the possibilities of cyber attacks through malware, trojans, etc.


Source: Ministry of Power, Government of India

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