CBIC issues clarification on rollout of Project Import Module in ICES

Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has issued Circular No. 27- Customs dated 3rd September, 2019 to inform about the rollout of Project Import Module in Indian Customs EDI System (ICES). The Project Import Module in ICES has been introduced to overcome the difficulties faced due to manual processing and manual Project imports registration.

Processes relating to Project Import Module are:

  • For the purpose of Project Registration, a functionality has been developed on the lines of license registration. The registration has to be done in the LIC role under License Registration. The same form as available at the time of registering licenses will be used for generating project number in the System and also following points are required to be kept in mind while registering a project –
    1. Scheme code to be used is PI, Notification will be null.
    2. All items of import have to be entered with quantity and value
    3. Default validity has been kept as 84 months. But the same is amendable
    4. The limitation factor would be B-both value and quantity.
    5. Sponsoring authority’s certificate details can be entered in Receipt No and date fields
    6. Iss_By will be the code of the sponsoring authority (list of values in F7).
    7. Bond details are mandatory. Only the bonds registered under the new bond category of PI can be given during registration
    8. Value (CIF in foreign currency (FC) is mandatory
  • Once the registration is complete in LIC role and then approved in APR role (under license management), a 10-digit number license number would be generated by the System with the first two digits as 99. This can be treated as the Project number, for further quoting the same in the Bills of Entry (BEs).
  • For the purposes of Project Imports, a new category of bonds with the code PI have been created. This bond is a national provisional bond, and can be used for imports at any port under a project. The bond registration is similar to any other bond in the roles of REB and ACB. Only when a PI bond is registered can project be registered quoting the same in registration form.
  • For the purpose of filing import declarations, the project (license) number generated can be used to file import declarations. The BEs will have to be filed with PI as the scheme code and the serial numbers of the items of import will also have to be quoted as per the project registration along with the Project number in the license table.
  • The finalization of all the BEs under a project and re-crediting of the bond can be done using the already existing options in the FAO and FDC roles.
  • All the live projects currently and hereafter be compulsorily registered in the System. This exercise may be started immediately and all project registrations should be completed before 15th day of  September, 2019 and filing of BE under Project Import on ICES should be mandatory from 16th day of September,2019.
  • Difficulties, if any, while registering may be emailed to team.ices@icegate.gov.in.

For further details please refer the attached document.

Source: Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs

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