Chandigarh Govt postpones the ban of Plastic refill pouch, Straws attached with tetra packs & Multi-layered packaging used for food/snacks to 28th March, 2020

In a recent Notification, the  Department of Environment, Chandigarh (“Department”) has postponed the ban of a few plastic items which were previously banned by the Department in a Notification dated 27th September, 2019 (detailed in trail mail).

Among the items mentioned in the previous Notification, the ban of a few items have already been effected since 28th December, 2019.

However, in light of various representations received by the Department, the ban of plastic items like Plastic refill pouch,  Straws attached with tetra pack and Multi-layered packaging used for packing food and snacks will become effective from 28th March, 2020.

The effective date of the ban for each item is been mentioned in the table below.

Serial No. Items Effective Date
1 Industrial Packaging ( of any kind) less than 50 microns 28th December, 2019
2 Single Use plastic Containers (Used for Curd, kheer , ice creams etc) less than 250 microns used for packaging of dairy items. 28th December, 2019
3 Plastic Sachets with packaging capacity of 50 ml/50gm and less. 28th December, 2019
4 Plastic sticks for balloons, ear buds, flags and candies. 28th December, 2019
5 Plastic refill pouch having quantity less than 500ml. 28th March, 2020
6 Straws attached with tetra pack 28th March, 2020
7 Multilayered packaging used for food/snacks packing. 28th March, 2020

Please note that the as per the previous Notification every person including a shopkeeper, vendor, whole seller or retailer, trader, hawker or rehriwala is prohibited from manufacturing, storing, importing, selling, transporting, supplying or using the abovementioned plastic/ thermocol /Styrofoam items.  Any person contravening the same will be liable under the  provision of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and orders of Hon’ble NGT.

Source: Department of Environment, Chandigarh 

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