DGFT amends proforma of End User Certificates for grant of export authorisation of SCOMET items

Director General of Foreign Trade(DGFT) has issued Public Notice No. 04/2015-20 to amend proforma of End User Certificates (EUC), for grant of export authorizations of items under SCOMET list.

Key points of the Public Notice are:

  1. The EUC proforma and their applicability to export authorisation for various categories of items under SCOMET Control list are as under:
Appendix- 2S (i)
  1. Required for export of items under SCOMET Category(ies) 2,3,4,5 & 8
  2. Re-export in case of stocked items other than Category 1(From Stockist to ultimate end user)
Appendix- 2S (ii)
  1. Required for items under SCOMET Category 1(Chemicals, related software and technologies).
  2. Re-export in case of stocked items under SCOMET Category 1
Appendix- 2S (iii)
  1. Application for Stock and Sale* authorization (from Exporter to stockist, for all SCOMET Category(ies) except Category 1)

*Stock and Sale is not permitted for SCOMET Category 0, Category 3A4001, Category 6 and transfer of technology in any category

  1. The existing EUC proforma, namely, Appendix 2S(i), 2S(ii) and 2S(iii) are substituted with the proforma annexed in the attached public notice .
  1. The EUCs in prescribed proforma are to be filled by all the entities involved in the chain of supply e.g. foreign buyer/ consignee / end user / intermediary(ies) on the letterhead of the respective entity, duly signed in ink and stamped by the authorised signatory of the company.
  1. In case of any additional sheet used along with the EUC, the same must be on the letterhead of the company and signed by the same person who signs the EUC.

Source : Director General of Foreign Trade

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