DGFT prescribes mechanism to apply for additional benefits under MEIS

Directorate General of Foreign Trade ( DGFT) has issued a Public Notice 23/2015-2020 and Trade Notice 28/2019-20 dated 5th August, 2019 to amend Para 9.03 of the Handbook of Procedures, 2015-20, to prescribe a provision enabling issue of additional benefits under MEIS for HS Codes, for which enhanced rates under MEIS were notified with a retrospective effect based on guidelines issued in this regard.

The mechanism to apply for supplementary claim with enhanced rates for certain HS Codes with a retrospective effect as prescribed in the Trade Notice are:

  • The Exporter/ Applicant would submit a letter to the concerned Regional Authority(RA) with a statement of the shipping bills along with corresponding file no. from which MEIS has already been issued, for which additional claims under MEIS is being claimed for the relevant HS Codes.
  • Based on the letter, the RA would open a supplementary file from the same file number in the E com module. (The necessary E com module modifications have been done by the MC)
  • The RA would then check the eligibility for additional claim and fill the differential rate manually in the relevant field for the relevant I IS Codes at the item.
  • After approval at the level of the Deputy DGFT, RA would issue the scrip for the supplementary file. This scrip would be issued in the paperless form and the scrip owner would be required to record its transfer online as is the current practice.
  • Additional documents, are required to be submitted by the exporters/ applicants to the RAs in the process after the applicant has submitted the letter with the statement of shipping bills as in (i) above
  • Such scrips would be utilized just like the other MEIS scrips. The mechanism of data transmission of such scrips to Customs/ ICEGATE has been worked out.

For further details please refer the attached document.


Source: Directorate General of Foreign Trade

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