FAQs on Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages Standards) Regulations, 2018; effective 1st April, 2019

The Food Safety and Standard Authority (“FSSAI”) has issued few clarifications on 10th April, 2019 for the Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages Standards) Regulations, 2018 (“Regulations”).

The clarifications issued by the FSSAI through FAQs are stated on the following queries-

  • Registrations of products with geographical Indication under these Regulations.
  • Declaration of amount of sugar in wines
  • Font size of Statutory Warning for small size SKUs of 60 ml/ 90 ml/ 180 ml
  • +0.3 percent tolerance limit of ethyl alcohol
  • Date of vintage on the label of Wines
  • Mentioning of exact/ approximate percentage of alcohol in beer
  • If statutory Warning in a box is mandatory
  • Applicability of Yeast parameter in Beer
  • Registration fee of new/change in label
  • Usage of 2% Grape Spirit in Brandy

Source: Food Safety and Standard Authority

FSSAI_FAQs on Gazette notified Alcoholic Beverages Regulations, 2018


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