Government of Telangana fixes ceiling on rates chargeable by Private Hospitals and Private Laboratories for treatment and testing of COVID-19 patients

The Health Medical and Family Welfare Department, Telangana has fixed the  ceiling on rates chargeable  by  Private  Hospitals  and  Private  Laboratories  for  testing and treatment services to COVID-19 patients.

Package per day
1. Charges for Routine ward + Isolation – Rs. 4,000.
2. Charges for ICU without ventilator + Isolation  – Rs. 7,500
3. Charges for ICU with ventilator + Isolation – Rs. 9,000

This includes Monitoring and Investigations like CBC, Urine routine, HIV spot, Anti HCV, Hbs Ag, Serum Creatinine, USG, 2D ECHO, X-Ray, ECG, Drugs, Consultations, Bed Charges, meals. Procedures like Rylestube insertion, urinary tract catheterization.

2.Interventional procedures like, but not limited to, Central line insertion, Chemoport insertion, bronchoscopic procedures, biopsies, ascitic / pleural tapping, etc, which may be charges at a rack rate as on 31st Dec 2019.
3.COVID-19 testing – to be done as per actual cost as fixed by the state Government i.e., Rs.2,200.
4.High end investigations like CT-SCAN, MRI, PET scan or any lab investigation not included in the previous column – to be charged at rack rates of hospital as on 31stDecember 2019.

Guidelines for Private Hospitals and Laboratories –

  1. The rates that are fixed must be displayed by private hospitals at prominent places in their premises.
  2. All  private  hospitals must follow Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India pertaining to Asymptomatic  and  mild  symptom  cases requiring home isolation.
  3. Private  laboratories  must  test  strictly  following  the  testing  protocols  issued  by  the  ICMR  as  updated  from  time  to  time.The Maximum Rates Chargeable for RT-PCR TEST are fixed at –
    i. Samples which are collected at the Labs/Hospitals – Rs. 2,200
    ii. Samples which are collected from home – Rs. 2,800
  4. All  private  health  care  providers  must enter  the real time data on the digital platform developed by the Government of Telangana @
  5. Permission must be obtained from  Director  Public  Health for permission to treat COVID-19 patients.
  6. As and when a positive  case  is  detected,  case  detail  have  to  be  immediately  entered  into  the  portal  by the private laboratories.
  7. All  private  health  care  providers  shall  strictly  follow  the  guidelines  issued  by  ICMR on testing and clinical management & discharge guidelines issued by Ministry of Health  &  Family  Welfare,  GoI  as  updated  from  time  to  time.


Source: Health Medical and Family Welfare Department, Telangana


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