Government orders certain establishments to install and maintain CCTV cameras outside their establishments in the jurisdiction of SubDivision Parliament Street, New Delhi

The Delhi police has through an Order dated 6th October, 2019 made it compulsory for establishments like Banks/ATMs, private locker companies, jewellery shops, petrol pumps, malls/restaurants/hotels, cinema halls/cine complexes, wine and beer shops, eating houses that transact with cash and other precious items in the jurisdiction of SubDivision Parliament Street, New Delhi to install CCTV cameras to cover the outer areas of such establishments.

Measures to be taken by establishments :

  1. Install adequate good quality CCTV cameras and recording system with play back facility to monitor anyone entering the premises or loitering outside.
  2. Ensure that the installed CCTV cameras are in working order at all times.
  3. The recording system shall preserve a digital record of CCTV coverage not less than 15 days.
  4. Keep a copy the CCTV coverage on CD or pen drive and hand over to the police whenever required or demanded.

Purpose :

The installation of CCTV cameras outside such establishments would work as a force multiplier. It would not only help in controlling crime but also help in flourishing of business, tourism, and overall growth of the society, while providing a sense of safety and security to people.

Penalty :

Any establishment which contravenes this Order shall be liable for the punishment in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Penal Code.

The Order is effective from 06.12.2019 to 03.02.2020 and shall remain in force for a period of 60days (both days inclusive) unless withdrawn earlier.

Source: Delhi Police

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