Himachal Pradesh Government promulgates Factories (Himachal Pradesh Amendment) Ordinance, 2020; increases applicability threshold, overtime provisions and compounds first time offences

In a recent Ordinance dated 9th July, 2020, the Governor of Himachal Pradesh has promulgated the Factories (Himachal Pradesh Amendment) Ordinance, 2020 (Ordinance).

The Ordinance contains the following key provisions:

Applicability: Factories using power and employing 20 workers (increased from 10) and factories not using power and employing 40 workers (against 20) will be covered under the Act.

Over time: Further the total overtime a worker can work in a quarter has been increased to 115 hours from the earlier 75 hours.

Compounding of Offence: Offences committed for the first time and punishable with fine only, may be compounded.


Source: Gazette, Himachal Pradesh

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