Jharkhand Government permits additional activities outside Containment Zones; online sale of essential and non-essential items by e-commerce permitted

In an Order dated 25th June, 2020, the Jharkhand Government has permitted the following additional activities outside the containment zones:

1. Online sale of essential and non-essential items by e-commerce

2. Stadium and sports complex (without spectators).

3. Walking / jogging / running / exercises in open areas.

All activities allowed earlier, continue to be permitted.


In light of the pandemic COVID 19, lockdown has been extended in the containment zones upto 30th June, 2020. At the same time, activities which were prohibited earlier, started to re-open in a phased manner outside the Containment Zones. While the Order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on 30th May, 2020 (“MHA Unlock 1.0 Order”) is being strictly implemented in the State, however, taking into consideration the fact that many migrants have entered the State, a cautious approach was required while opening up the economic activities to ease out the hardship of the people. Therefore, only the above-mentioned activities have been allowed by the Jharkhand Government in the present Order.


Source: Jharkhand Government


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