Kerala Govt. permits industrial units manufacturing and distributing essential commodities (including health products) to operate out of Containment Zones in the State

With a view to mitigate the negative impact with regard to closing down of the industries in Containment Zones, and pursuant to requests from various industrial units seeking exemptions to manufacture and distribute essential goods including health products in the State in the areas of lockdown and containment; the Kerala Government (Government) has permitted all industrial units engaged in manufacturing and distribution of essential goods including health products in the State, to start operating. The permission to operate has been granted subject to strict compliance with the following guidelines:

1. All Industrial units and industries within Containment Zones are permitted to function with the condition that (if possible) no one should be allowed to enter into the Containment Zone;

2. The products manufactured to be stocked within the Containment Zone till the time restrictions are lifted;

3. Where there is no containment, industrial units may be allowed to operate normally and if required, they may restrict the deployment of employees at 50% with all protection measures such as social distancing, wearing of mask, frequent washing of hands with soap and checking temperature when the persons enter and exit the compound of the unit.

The following are specific guidelines for Industrial Units in Containment Zones –

1. The issue with regard to workers coming in the industrial units and going back within the Containment Zones needs to be worked out properly by the Industrial Unit Management;

2. symptom screening to be done by the Management on a daily basis;

3. anybody with the symptoms may be tested in the private laboratories and also as per the Industrial Units Welfare Policies. Such person must be sent for treatment in their empanelled Hospitals or as per the Group Insurance Scheme of the Industrial Unit;

4. workers with influenza like symptoms must not be permitted to work;

5. social distancing, frequent hand hygiene and provision for providing mask to be ensured. Waste disposal should be done properly;

6. Cafeteria management for tea, snacks and lunch to be done properly, avoiding crowding and maintaining social distance.

For Industrial units in No Containment Zone, in addition to the above-mentioned points, the following must also be taken care of:
Transportation of the workforce to be done properly by the Management.

Generic Instructions

1. Wherever possible add shift and de-congest workers coming at the same time;
2. Study the work flow and accordingly arrange the staff inflow by structuring the time;
3. Take steps for design improvement on the assembly floor to avoid aerosol contamination;
4. Get surfaces cleaned repeatedly;
5. Distribute IEC related to COVID;
6. Contact DISHA number 1056;
7. Follow the Covid Protocols and advisories issued by Health Department scrupulously;

8. Undertake intensified testing of workers working together in Industrial Units;


Source: Kerala Government

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