Loosening the Lockdown Fetters

Lexplosion Webinar dated 17-April-2020 | Loosening the Lockdown Fetters

With the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid 19) disease in India and the world, organizations are having to change the way of doing business very quickly from travel bans, to work from home advisories, to slowing down production to name a few. These urgent changes may not always leave time for some of you to consider the legal and compliance implications of such actions. In this context, instead of hosting the March Webinar on legal and compliance updates, Lexplosion will be conducting a webinar on March 27th exclusively to explore how prepared the Indian regulatory regime is to handle business exigencies in situations like these. For example, are our compliances relating to attendance and leave geared towards work from home considerations? There are many consents, registrations and renewals which still require submission of physical forms. How does that happen when a city/state/country is experiencing a near complete lockdown?

Check out the answers to all these questions.

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