Madhya Pradesh Labour Dept. issues instructions regarding implementation of Computerized Centralized Inspection system for all the inspections under various Labour Acts owing to ongoing pandemic

The Labour Commissioner Office, Madhya Pradesh in an Circular dated 11th September, 2020 has issued instructions regarding implementation of computerized centralized inspection system.

The instructions have been issued by the Department owing to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and for all the inspections to be done in the institutions under various Labour Acts in the State during this period. The new computerized centralized inspection system is in force from 15th September and the instructions issued are as follows –

1. All inspections will be done only through

2. Officers authorized by the Department can use the portal for inspection of any institution;

3. After the direction of the Authorized Officer, one of the inspectors will be selected by the portal among the available inspectors for the site of that institution. It will be the duty of the Authorized Officer to keep the information of inspectors updated on the portal;

4. Where third party inspectors are authorized for inspection, such inspectors will also be included in the portal;

5. Inspectors will receive SMS on their register mobile number for inspection and if the inspector is unable to inspect due to reasons approved by the Department, the same will have to be conveyed to the Department;

6. If an inspector does not give consent until 24 hours before the scheduled inspection, the portal will select other inspector and the inspection of the earlier inspector will be cancelled;

7. After inspection of an institution, the inspector will file an inspection report on the portal within 48 hours. If not done then the inspection will be declared null and obsolete;

8. The inspection report will be available to the concerned institution after its registration on the portal.

Please note that the Circular is in Vernacular and we have translated it to the best of our understanding

Please note that the Circular is in Vernacular and we have translated it to the best of our understanding.


Source : Labour Commissioner Office, Madhya Pradesh

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