MCA designates special courts in Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh and Uttarakhand for speedy trial of offences under the Companies Act, 2013

In a Notification dated 19th December 2019 the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) has designated the following Special Courts in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh and the state of Uttarakhand for the purpose of providing speedy trial of offences punishable with imprisonment of two years or more.


Further, in another the Notification dated 19th December 2019, MCA has amended a previous Notification dated 18th May, 2016 which dealt with the designation of special court for trial of offences punishable under the Companies Act, 2013 with imprisonment of two years or more.

Through the present Notification, the Courts of Additional Special Judge, Anti-Corruption at Jammu and Srinagar will now have jurisdiction over the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Source: Ministry of Corporate Affairs


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