Ministry of Communications clarifies the list of devices for which importers of commercial/finished products can obtain ETA exemption

The Ministry of Communications through a memorandum dated February 26, 2019 has clarified the types of devices against which an exemption of Equipment Type Approval (ETA) can be obtained by submitting a self-declaration.


ETA has been one of the prerequisites for importing products operating in license exempt bands. The self-declaration under the ETA is a step forward for commercial / finished products in simplifying the regulatory regime while ensuring compliance as well as reducing transaction costs.


Importers of products such as mobile, laptops, electronic notepads, smart watches, short range devices, microphones, speakers, headphones, earphones, printers, scanners, cameras etc. operating in licence exempt bands in India can now obtain an exemption from ETA by filing a self-declaration as specified in the memorandum.

The self-declaration would be treated as sufficient evidence to process such clearances by the Custom and Central Excise Authorities.

Source: Ministry of Communications, Department of Telecommunications

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