Ministry of Road Transport and Highways proposes to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989; objections or suggestions invited till 28th July, 2020

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (“Authority”) has issued a notification by virtue of which restrictions relating to certain activities have been removed.


Previously, on 1st June 2020, the Authority had issued guidelines for extension of Lockdown and for Unlock 1, by virtue of which certain activities like restaurants, shopping malls and religious places and place of worship were prohibited in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Additionally, this notification allowed free movement of people within the National Capital Territory of Delhi without need of any separate pass or permission or approval or e-permit. However, inter-state movement of non-residents was allowed only on production of e-passes issued for essential service or in case of emergent situations.


Now, pursuant to the current notification, the following activities are allowed:


(a)        Restaurants

(b)        Shopping Malls

(c)        Religious places and places of worship.

(d)        Unrestricted movement of personnel and goods without requirement of any separate pass or permission or approval or e-permit.


Source: Delhi Disaster Management Authority

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