Ministry of Steel issues Draft Safety Guidelines for Iron & Steel Sector (Process Based); invites comments and suggestions by 31st December, 2019

Comments are invited by the Ministry of Steel (“Ministry”) on the Draft Guidelines pertaining to “Safety Guidelines for Iron & Steel Sector”, for the purpose of developing comprehensive safety Guidelines for the Iron & Steel Sector (Process Based). In this regard, a Working Group comprising the steel industry, associations and academia (SAIL, Tata Steel, IIT Kharagpur, NISST etc.) was constituted to prepare the Process Based Draft Safety Guidelines for the sector. The Working Group has prepared additional 15 draft Guidelines (Process Based) for the sector after extensive deliberations, which are given below.

Comments and suggestions are to be sent by 31st December 2019 to Ministry of Steel at

For a detailed read of the Draft Guidelines, please refer to the following hyperlinks:

SG-26 Guidelines for Incident Investigation

SG-27 Guidelines for Creation of Safety database and proactive data collection

SG-28 Safety Guideline for Coke Ovens, Coke Dry Cooling Plant (CDCP) & By Product Plant

SG-29 Safety Guidelines for COKE OVENS PLANT (Non-Recovery Type)

SG-30 Safety Guideline for Blast Furnace

SG-31 Safety Guideline for Sinter Plant

SG-32 Safety guideline for Coal Based DRI

SG-33 Safety Guideline for Direct Reduction Plant (Gas Based)

SG-34 Safety Guidelines EAF Rev.6

SG-35 Safety Guidelines EIF R3

SG-36 Safety Guidelines Semi-Automatic Rolling and Re-rolling mills Rev6

SG-37 Safety guidelines for Hot Rolling mills (Automatic)

SG-39 Safety Guideline for Steel Melting Shop

SG-40 Safety Guideline for Pellet plant

Source: Ministry of Steel

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