MP Govt. exempts shops and establishments under the M.P S&E Act, 1958 from the provision of “Holidays in a week in shops and commercial establishments” subject to specific conditions

In a Gazette Notification dated 17th November, 2020 the Madhya Pradesh Government has informed that Section 13 of the Madhya Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act, 1958 (“Act”) which deals with “Holidays in a week in shops and commercial establishments” will not apply to shops and commercial establishments registered under the Act subject to the condition that every employee will be allowed a paid weekly holiday by the employer.

The present Notification has been issued under Section 3(2) of the Act which empowers the Government to direct that any or all of the provisions of this Act, subject to such terms and conditions as may be specified in such direction will cease to apply to such classes of establishment or class of persons as may be specified therein.

Subsequently, through another Circular date d 19th November, 2020 Government has informed that every employer should provide weekly leave to its employees and should strictly adhere to the Notifications issued by the Government.


Source: Madhya Pradesh Government


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