Now sanitary napkins and disposable bins must be provided in women’s toilets in Factories located in Telangana; Government notifies Amendments made to Telangana Factories Rules, 1950

In a Notification (attached) dated 19th November, 2019 the Labour Employment Training and Factories Department, Telangana  (“Department”) has notified the Amendment to Rule 40 of the Telangana Factories Rules,1950. These Rules were earlier published on 28th August, 2019 by the Department inviting comments and suggestions.

The amendment to Telangana Factories Rule, 1950 adds the following clauses after the existing Rule 40 (iv).

(v)           Sanitary Napkins of adequate quantity conforming to Indian Standards must be provided and maintained in the women’s toilets for their use, and the same must be replenished daily.

(vi)          Disposable bins with lids must be provided within the women’s toilets for the collection of napkins. The used napkins must be disposed of as per the procedure approved by the Inspector.

The amendment to the Telangana Factories Rules, 1950 makes it necessary for employers to ensure the availability of sanitary napkins for the use of women workers in factories.

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