Odisha Govt. amends Odisha COVID-19 Regulations, 2020; prescribes penalty upto Rs. 1 lakh on owners of shops and commercial establishments for contravening direction on maintaining social distance

The Odisha Government has issued the Odisha COVID-19 (Fourth Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (“Amendment”) to further amend the Odisha COVID-19 Regulations, 2020. The Amendment has gained effect immediately.
Key Highlights-

1. The Amendment introduces new provisions w.r.t the following-
a. Bar on Congregation:
• Congregations by general public beyond 10 persons at a place at any point of time, whether within closed premises or outdoor, is prohibited for containing the spread of the disease.
[Note- However, in the exigencies of public service, the District Magistrate or as the case may be the Municipal Commissioner may, by order in writing, allow congregation of people beyond 10 persons, for the reasons mentioned in the said order]
b. Maintaining physical distancing:
• Physical distance of at least 6 feet between two persons shall be maintained in all shops, commercial establishments and other public places.
• The owner or manager or person in charge of the shop or commercial establishment shall be personally responsible for such maintenance of physical distance in their respective shops and commercial establishments.
• The customers and other persons coming to the shops or commercial establishments shall also maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet between two persons.
2. The Amendment also provides the protocol for marriage and funeral functions.
Compounding of Offences:

a. Contravention on the direction to maintain social distancing-
• For owner or manager in charge of a shop or commercial establishment- Rs.50,000 for first offence and Rs.1 lakh for subsequent offence.

• Customer or any other person coming to the shop or commercial establishment – Rs.2,000 for first offence and Rs.10,000 for subsequent offence.

All officers of the Block not below the rank of Additional Block Development Officer, all officers not below the rank of Additional Tahasildar, all police officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector of police and all officers of Urban Local Body not below the rank of Zonal Officer or Deputy Commissioner have been authorised to compound the offences.

b. penalties have also been prescribed for organising or causing congregation, contravening the Orders in funeral and marriage functions, spitting on the road.

Earlier, in a Notification dated 1st June, 2020 the Odisha Government had notified that the fine for not wearing a mask was Rs.500 for the first and Rs. 1,000 for subsequent offences.


Source: Government of Odisha


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