Automated, Comprehensive Audits and Due Diligence

Everything you need to carry out a quick, comprehensive audit of any function or operating unit

Komplied Brings Awe Into Audits


Instant set-up and commencement of audits

Comprehensive reporting with analytics

Logic driven questionnaires to assess gaps and risks

Centralised repository for proofs

Highly Configurable to manage all types of entities, functions and operating units

Secure, SaaS solution that allows customisations for specific audits

Unlimited number of audits

Simple to use

Komplied – An Intelligent & Collaborative Software That Ensures Comprehensive Audits


Multiple simultaneous Audits


Industry agnostic audits


Automatic Risk Assessments


Monitor Realtime Audit Status


Comprehensive Reporting & Granular Audit Analysis

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Identifies Applicable Laws & Compliance Tasks Within Minutes

Audit Managers can opt for the modules to be covered min the audit and view the applicable laws by clicking few buttons

Komplied uses a back-end engine that allows to select applicable laws based on replies to basic questions about your organisation.

Logic Tuned Questions to Ensure Comprehensive Audit

Based on the applicable laws, the software intelligently list out the questions that need to be covered for each applicable laws.

Respondents are required to respond to each of the questions that are approved by the Auditor.

Comprehensive Reports Pinpoint Non-Compliance Across Locations

liminate the need to consolidate data from disparate tools and other auditors through a centralised tool.

Allow you to leverage the benefits of having details status reports indicating the compliance status across all your locations.

Download audit reports in different formats; viz. excel, pdf, etc.

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How Komplied Works

Setting up of workspace
Defining the audit workflow
Initiation of Audits across organization
Getting Realtime audit status & granular audit report