Shops and Establishments in Assam can remain open during the 68 State festival holidays provided employees are paid compensation for overtime work and for work on weekly off days

The Labour Welfare Department, Assam (“Department”), has recently released a notification by virtue of the power under Assam Shops and Establishment Act, 1971 (“Act”) to suspend certain provisions of the Act during fairs and festival. The Department has directed that the actionable in sections 6, 9, 10, 11 will be suspended and not mandatorily implemented during the 68 days that have been notified as state celebration period.

However, shops and establishments can remain open on all these 68 notified festive days, on the condition that employers pay their employees compensation for over-time work and for work on weekly off days during these 68 days.

[Section 6: Requirement of working 48 hours a week

Section 9: Limitation on the spread over period so that the total working hours do not exceed ten and a half.

Section 10: Limitation on opening and closing hours of shops/establishments

Section 11: Closing of Shops and grants of weekly holidays for religious purposes]

SourceLabour Welfare Department, Assam

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