Tamil Nadu Health and Family Welfare Department notifies the Tamil Nadu Clinical Establishments (Regulation) Rules, 2018, effective June 4, 2018

With a view to effectively implement the Tamil Nadu Clinical Establishments (Regulation) Act, 1997, the Health and Family Welfare Department, Tamil Nadu, has, through a notification dated June 4, 2018, issued the Tamil Nadu Clinical Establishments (Regulation) Rules, 2018 (“Rules”). The Rules, aiming to ensure that the minimum requirements and duties are fulfilled by clinical establishments operating in the State of Tamil Nadu, are effective since June 4, 2018.

Key highlights:

  1. The Rules specify the minimum facilities relating to floor space and other facilities, the minimum number of staff and their minimum qualification, the minimum equipment and other conditions, which are required to be maintained by the clinical establishments of different systems for providing different medical services, including specialized service.

2. The Rules specify that every clinical establishment in Tamil Nadu must apply for registration in Form I, either in person or by registered post, along with the prescribed fee of five thousand rupees.

The procedure for such registration, payment of registration fee, renewal of registration and obtaining duplicate registration certificate have been chalked out in details in the    Rules.

3. The different duties of clinical establishments, in addition to the duties and responsibilities specified in the Act, have been defined, which include the following:

  • display of Registration Certificate;
  • maintenance of records, in electronic form, showing the names, addresses and the qualifications of its employees and the equipments maintained by it;
  • maintenance of records relating to the clinical observation, test, investigation, diagnostic opinion advice and treatment given to the person, who has visited the hospital either as an in-patient or out-patient;
  • maintenance of clinical records (any paper, film, printout, slide, solution, medium which can be deciphered or used to indicate and diagnose the condition of the human body or a part of it or any material taken out of it and the course of treatment administered to or undergone by any person) of its activities relating to a patient

Source: Health and Family Welfare Department, Tamil Nadu

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