Does your Restaurant/ Canteen/ Cafeteria have the Food Safety Display Board up yet?

As an owner of a restaurant or by having a canteen or cafeteria at your workplace/ company/ factory you need to now display a Food Safety Display Board.

While the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (“FSSAI”) had introduced the requirement of Food Safety Display Boards (“FSDBs”) for various food businesses earlier this year, its constant non-compliance did not go down well with the FSSAI.

The FSSAI, expressing its concern on the flouting of the law, has recently passed an order that restaurants are to display the FSDB at all times at a prominent place in the premises, indicating their FSSAI License number on display boards to ensure consumer awareness. The present order has stricter implications on being deviant from this direction. The FSSAI has also released the display board that needs to be put up at the premises.

The FSDB requires disclosure of FSSAI registration/license number of the Food Business Operator allowing the customer verify its credentials from the FSSAI site and a declaration that food safety and hygiene requirements are met.

We have officially sought a clarification from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare whether this order is applicable to canteens/cafeterias at workplaces/companies/factories.

Responding to the query, the Assistant Director (Regulatory Compliance Division), FSSAI has over an e-mail response clarified on September 26, 2018, that while “the order for displaying Food Safety Display Boards is primarily meant for ‘Restaurants’ as it is a condition of License. The canteens/cafeterias at workplaces/companies/factories are also a kind of food catering services. They may also display such Food Safety Display boards.”

Now, before you serve the next dish, make sure the canteens and cafeterias at your workplace/ company/ factory/ have the FSDB displayed.

Don’t cook up trouble; be on the right side of the law by ensuring the following:

  • Display the FSDB at a prominent place on your premises such as the entrance, reception area or billing area at all times, so that it can be easily be viewed by the customers.
  • Print the FSDB on an A3 size cardboard material
FSSAI Rules image

FSSAI Rules image


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