Government of Meghalaya adopts Supreme Court Directions on interim measures for payment of wages during lockdown

In light of the Supreme Court directions*, the Government of Meghalaya has instructed private establishments, industries, factories and Trade Unions etc. on the interim measures for payment of wages to workers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

1. Private organizations can initiate a process of negotiation with their employee’s organization and enter into a settlement with them regarding payment of wages for the period during which their industrial establishment was closed down due to lockdown. If no settlement is reached, a request maybe made to the concerned labour authorities who may call the concerned Employees Trade Union/workers Association/ workers to appear on a date for negotiation, conciliation, and settlement.

2. Organizations which are working at sub-optimal capacity can also take steps mentioned above.

*Note: The directions issued by Supreme Court (SC) in Ficus Pax Pvt. Ltd. and Others Vs. Union of India and Others passed an Order.


Source: Government of Meghalaya

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