Government of Telangana extends operation of notification imposing lockdown restrictions till 30th June 2020 in containment zones

The Government of Telangana (“Government”), has, in a Notification effective 9th June 2020 extended the restrictions imposed by notification dated 18th May 2020. These were previously given effect up to 7th June 2020. This has been enforced in the areas declared as containment zones.

The Government has extended the restrictions imposed by the above-mentioned notification up to 30th June 2020. However, the extension is subject to relaxations that have been allowed by the notification dated 4th June 2020, bearing G.O.Ms. No. 75.

The Government has further stated that no shops or establishments, except hospitals and pharmacies, will remain open after 8:30 PM.

Previously, the Government had extended the restrictions imposed by the notification dated 18th May 2020 up to 7th June 2020, by virtue of notification No. G.O.Rt. No. 194, dated 4th June 2020. Prior to this, the same was extended till 31st May 2020 (by virtue of G.O.Rt. No. 182, dated 20th May 2020) and till 29th May 2020 (by virtue of G.O.Rt. No. 173, dated 08th May 2020).

Source: Consumer Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal


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