Greater Mumbai Police issues Prohibitory Order under Section 144 of CrPC to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus; effective till 15th July, 2020

The Commissioner of Police, Greater Mumbai has issued Prohibitory Order under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, for restricting any presence or movement of one or more persons in public places or gathering of any sort anywhere with a view to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus in the areas under the control of Commissioner of Police, Greater Mumbai.
The following measures have been implemented with immediate effect and shall be valid till 15th July, 2020 –
1. All movement of one or more persons in the areas designated as “Containment Zone” is prohibited, except for essential activities, supply of essential goods and medical emergencies.

2. All movement of one or more persons in the city is prohibited between 9 pm to 5 am, except for medical emergencies and the following exempted entities:

i. Emergency Services;
ii. Government / semi- government agencies and their officials on duty;
iii. Establishments providing Essential services like –
a. Food, vegetables, milk supplies, ration and grocery stores;
b. Hospitals, medicines, pharma and related establishments, pathology laboratories, medical/nursing colleges;
c. Telephone and internet services;
d. Electricity, petroleum, oil and energy related;
e. Banking, stock Exchange, Clearing Corporations, Depositories, Stock Brokers and SEBI registered participants operating through these institutions;
f. IT and IT enabled Services and Data Centres providing services for Critical National and International Infrastructure and needed for the above essential and emergency services;
g. Media;
h. Ports;
i. Services providing Home Delivery of food, groceries and essential commodities;
j. E-commerce activity for essential and as well as non-essential items and material;
k. Drinking water supply and maintenance;
l. Godowns and warehousing related to all of the above
m. Trucks/Tempos carrying goods and manpower related to above services.
However, movement of persons for non-essential activities like visit to shops, markets, barber shops, spas, saloons, beauty parlours, outdoor physical activities etc. shall be permitted within the nearby/ neighbourhood area only. Long distance travel for non-essential items will not be permitted. The Zonal DCsP in emergent / special cases are empowered to grant exemption.
Social Distancing Norms (minimum of 6 feet of distance) shall be followed at all times.


Source: Commissioner of Police, Greater Mumbai

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