Haryana Directorate of Information, Public Relations & Languages Portal informs that Rules for providing crèche facilities and amenities are framed and notified in the State

In a news flash appearing on the website of the Directorate of Information, Public Relations & Languages, Government of Haryana, it is mentioned that the Haryana Government has framed and notified Rules under the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017, for providing crèche facilities and amenities in establishments employing 50 or more employees.

However, the official notification in this regard is not yet available in the public domain. We are checking with the Department on this as well.

Till now only the Karnataka Government rolled out the Draft Rules on Crèche facilities for establishments having 50 or more employees earlier this year in July, 2018.

Under these Haryana Rules, crèche facility will now be available to the children of regular, temporary, daily wagers, contractual, consultant and other such employees.

As per this notice, the following requirements have been specified for crèches being set up under the Rules-

  1. Crèches will have to be maintained near the place of work or within a walkable distance, that is 500 meters, from the entrance gate of the establishment, for use of children (below 6 years) of such employees.
  2. The building in which creche is situated must be well constructed and walls and roof must be of heat-resistant and waterproof. The floor and internal walls must have smooth impervious surface.
  3. Also, the building of the crèche must be so constructed as to afford adequate protection against heat, damp, wind and rain. While the interior walls must be lime-washed once in six months and the wood work must be painted or varnished once every three years.
  4. A minimum space of 6-8 sq. ft. per child must be available. The height of the rooms in the building must not be less than 12 feet from the floor to the lowest part of the roof.
  5. There must be effective and suitable provision in every part of the crèche for securing and maintaining adequate ventilation. Sufficient and suitable natural or artificial lighting connected with emergency power back-up must also be made available.
  6. A closed wash-room, with separate space for washing and drying soiled clothes or bed linen must be there along with latrine and urinal.
  7. The crèche would remain open all times, both in day and night when employees are working in the establishment.
  8. Basic amenities including first aid and medicine kit, cradles, cot with bedding cooking facilities, cooking utensils, utensils to feed the children, chair or sitting accommodation for use of each mother for feeding or attending to her child, toys or play materials and teaching or learning materials must be provided at the crèche.
  9. Drinking water and pure milk must be made available for each child who is accommodated in the crèche and wholesome refreshment must be provided for children above two years of age.
  10. Sufficient and adequate crèche staff such as female attendant, cook, sweeper and chowkidar must be employed for attending to children in the crèche. A trained crèche-nurse must be appointed to ensure that the creche is kept in a clean and sanitary condition, that all children attending it are properly looked after, etc.
  11. A monthly medical examination of children attending the crèche and that of nursing mothers every two months must be done by a qualified medical practitioner.
  12. A record of particulars of children attending a crèche must be maintained as well as a register of complaint be kept in the crèche.

Please note that the above information has been obtained from the website of the Directorate of Information, Public Relations & Languages, Government of Haryana and we are trying to get the official notification for the Rules which is not yet available on the Haryana Labour Department website.

Source: Directorate of Information, Public Relations & Languages, Government of Haryana

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