Haryana Labour Department proposes provision for filing of single unified annual return through Shram Suvidha Portal in Factories Rules; invites comments / suggestions by 14th October, 2019

The Labour Department of Haryana, through a notification dated 30th August, 2019 has introduced an amendment to the Punjab Factories Rules, 1952 (as applicable to the State of Haryana) in order to introduce filing of single unified annual return through the Shram Suvidha Portal.

Comments and suggestions have been invited on the Punjab Factory (Amendment) Rules, 2019 (“Draft Amendment Rules”), which may be addressed to Labour Commissioner-cum-Chief Inspector of Factories, Haryana, 30 Bays Building, Sector 17, Chandigarh, within 14th October, 2019.

Key Highlights:

  1. As per the proposed provision, the manager of every factory will be able to furnish a Unified Single Annual Return to Chief Inspector or other officer on or before 15th January every year in Form 21.
  1. Also, in case of periodical factories, the manager must submit the return within 15 days of the close of the factory. The Form in which the manager of the factory will be required to submit the return has also been introduced as Form No. 21.

SourceLabour Department of Haryana

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