Karnataka Government rolls out Draft Karnataka Factories Amendment Rules, 2019; proposes to extend validity period for license granted/ renewed to minimum of 10 years and maximum of 15 years

The Government of Karnataka, by a Notification has issued Draft Karnataka Factories Amendment Rules, 2019 (“Draft Rules”) for amendment of Rule 5(2) of the Karnataka Factories Rules, 1969 (“Principal Rules”).

Rule 5 deals with grant of licenseThe Draft Rules proposes to extend the validity of the license granted or renewed to a period of minimum 10 years which will not exceed 15 years, on the payment of fees for each year.

Currently, the license granted under Rule 5 is valid for a period not exceeding 3 years at a time, as specified during the grant of the renewal of the license.

Please note that the date of the document cannot be determined since the copy uploaded on the Government portal is unclear.

Source: Government of Karnataka

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