Odisha PCB extends the Biomedical Waste Management Rules to occupiers of non-bedded health care facilities

The State Pollution Control Board, Odisha has issued a notice on 11.06.2019 for all occupiers of non-bedded health care facilities.

All the occupiers of non-bedded health care facilities, which includes Research Organizations and laboratories in Universities that generate biomedical waste must obtain one-time authorization under the Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016. The authorization can be applied online through odocmms.nic.in/ospcboard.org.

The disposal of all waste by these occupiers should be through a Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility located in their respective areas.

Any failure to comply with these would attract a fine up to Rs.1,00,000/- or imprisonment up to five years or with both. When failure continues additional fine may extend to Rs.5,000/- for every day during which such failure or contravention continues after the conviction for the first such failure or contravention and imprisonment can be extended to a period of seven years.

Source: State Pollution Control Board, Odisha

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