Only online Applications for renewal / modification of registration certificate etc. is acceptable, informs Warehousing Authority

In a Circular dated 9th March 2018, the Warehousing Development & Regulatory Authority (‘WDRA’) has informed that the online process forrenewal of registration, modification of registration certificates and updating various regulatory information in respect of warehouseman and the warehouses is already effective since 19th March, 2018 and is currently operational.


The process of registration of warehouses online was implemented by the WDRA since 1st November, 2017. However, owing to technical issues and pending UAT / Security Audit the process of renewal could not be made operational earlier.

Now, in view of the process of registration as well and renewal made online, the WDRA has informed that it is not accepting any physical/ paper based applications for renewal, modification of registration and updation of regulatory information relating to warehouseman / warehouses any longer and such applications must be made in theonline mode only.

Inquiries while submitting the online applications may be directed to Shri Akhilesh Mishra, CMS (e-mail: ) and Shri Devender Singh CDAC IT Expert, (e-mail : ) or at phone no.011- 49536496,49092994,49092978.

Source : Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority

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