SOP for West Bengal during Diwali and Kali Puja 2020 amidst Covid-19

1. Bursting of firecrackers prohibited; only wax or oil based diyas allowed;


2. Firecrackers not to be brought into the State;


3. Pandals to be no-entry zones;


4. Sanitisers to be available at the puja pandals;


5. Wearing of masks and social distancing is mandatory within and around the pandal area;


6. In smaller pandals, only 10 persons may be allowed at a time;


7. For slightly larger pandals (area between 150 to 300 sq. m), only 15 persons may be allowed at a time;


8. Pandals in excess of 300 sq.m in area, upto 45 persons may be allowed at a time;


9. Immersions to be a low-key affair. No use of bands and lights; processions are not permitted;


10. Overcrowding not allowed in temple precincts or outside.


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