The Himachal Pradesh Government encapsulates the success story of Ease of Doing Business Policy till August, 2018

Pursuant to the enforcement of the Himachal Pradesh Single Window (Investment, Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2018, the Government of Himachal Pradesh has encapsulated the success story of the Ease of Doing Business policies adopted by the state till the month of August, 2018.

Some of the features of the policies adopted are :

  1. Single Window Clearance System (“SWCS”) – This system acts as a bridge between Investors and Government. Investors can apply for all the departmental services in the State through single common application form (CAF) and can be granted NOC from concerned line departments through SWCS only.
  2. Central Inspection System – The Himachal Pradesh government has intended to develop and implement a “Central Inspection System” (integrated risk based shared inspection system) covering Industries, Labour, Pollution department etc. Key Functionalities ofCentral Inspection System (“CIS”);

a)Common Inspection by all the concerned departments in a Single day.

b)Transparent checklists, procedures, benchmarks and modalities for synchronised inspections.

c)Synchronised inspections will be conducted by transparent online CIS system.

d)Investor shall be informed through SMS or registered e-mail with all details prior to the inspection

3.Investment Promotion and Facilitation Cell– Integration of the 35 services of 10 Departments with the online Single Window System of the Industries Department has been done. Key features being:

a)Investor need to apply on single portal for various approvals from in-line departments.

b)Investor need not to apply/Register at individual department’s website.

c)Time bound approach shall be followed by all the departments.

d)For the time-bound delivery of services, Government of Himachal Pradesh has mandated the Public Service Guarantee Act notification for all the departments.

4. Digitization of Various departments– The Government of Himachal Pradesh has developed dynamic online module for the departments where the applications were exercised manually. Digitization will help departments and applicant to work efficiently in a proper workflow and in a time-bound manner:
Some of the key features of Digitization are:

a)Reduce time span and tracking of application.

b)Automated and transparent approach.

c)Time bound manner.

d)Online payment Gateway.

e)Information Wizard procedure and Checklist.

5. Integration of various departments  with SWCS –  Single Window (Investment, Promotion & Facilitation) Act, was enforced on 18th May, 2018. Its main objectives were the following:

a)Application through the Common Application Form (CAF Single Form Registration)

b)State Single Window Web Portal (Single Online Portal for various Approvals)

c)Timelines for getting clearances.

d)Procedure for granting clearances.

e)State Investment Promotion and Facilitation Cell (One Stop Solution for all queries)

f)Deemed clearances.

This act has an over-riding effect on the prevailing state acts.

6. Single Window Act – The Act aims “to provide for time bound clearances for setting up of an industrial undertaking, commencement of production therein and promotion of industrial development in the State”.

Source: Government of Himachal Pradesh

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