Andhra Pradesh Health Department reduces rates for RT-PCR testing (for individuals) in private laboratories to ₹ 1,900 from ₹ 2,900; effective immediately

The Health, Medical and Family Welfare (B2) Department of Andhra Pradesh (“Department”) has revised the rates for RT-PCR testing charged by the private laboratories.

The revised rates are as follows:

1. For Samples sent by the Government (including pooled samples) – Rs.1,600/-

[One pool sample consists of 5 individual samples, if any pool is found to be positive, the same batch has to be tested individually, and payment will be given as if they are treated as individual samples, apart from payment to pooled sample.]

2. Individuals approaching ICMR approved NABL labs for COVID testing (walk-in-testing) – Rs.1,900/-

In addition to this, the following must be ensured-

  1. Testing is done only in ICMR approved Laboratories and all other conditions laid down by the ICMR and the State Government will have to be followed.

    2. The Private NABL & ICMR approved Labs must follow the above guidelines and all the Hospitals/Institutes/Labs have to display the rates in visible manner.


In a previous order dated 12th June, 2020 (G.O.RT.No. 296), the Department had fixed the cost of COVID-19 testing in the ICMR approved private NABL Labs (RT-PCR). The total cost was fixed at Rs.2,400/- for samples referred by the State Government and Rs.2,900/- for the individuals directly approaching ICMR approved NABL Labs for COVID-19 testing, which includes both the screening test and confirmatory test.

However, in a subsequent letter dated 19th August, 2020 the CEO, Dr.YSRAHCT & State Nodal Officer for Labs, COVID-19 had stated that as the availability of the kits have increased and there has been a reduction in the cost of both RNA extraction and RT-PCR kits, the cost of kits have come down. Therefore, the private laboratories must pass on benefits to people as high testing rates have been seen as an obstacle in getting more people to get tested for the COVID -19.

Considering the above-mentioned, the present revision of rates has been done by the Government.

Source: Health, Medical and Family Welfare (B2) Department, Andhra


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